“Going through a spiritual drought, and desperate to be ‘wowed by God’, Rosetta was the right person, at the right time. Her calm demeanor elicits a sense of safety and security, and her steadiness and ability to be grounded authentically reflects God’s steadiness and faithfulness in all terrains. Rosetta offered wisdom, and encouragement, as well as deep heart felt prayer, and biblical truths that nudged the heart to breathe in the fresh breath that God longs us to have. Her warm, and authentic invitation to, ‘come as you are’, is truly a reflection of our Abba, Father, inviting His Beloved’s to do just that with Him, every day; regardless of season, or circumstance. I am truly thankful for the relationship I have with this woman who so evidently fears the Lord.”

“Rosetta was a ‘holding place’ for me as I sorted through some of my feelings. Looking back I do know I was grieving losses, at times feeling overwhelmed and lost, wanting to embrace the space my life was offering but not knowing how.  More then anything, I experienced a safe place in coming to see Rosetta and a chance to focus on where God was in all of this. ,I am not saying it has all been figured out but I have more peace, embraced where I am now and also continue to discover how to move and live in the new stage of life. I am glad I took the time to see her.”

“I sought help from Rosetta when dealing with a very difficult situation in my life. To be honest, I think I was hoping that she would tell me whether or not I had made the right decision about how to handle things. Better than that however, she led me through some spiritual exercises and made suggestions for ways that I could draw closer to God to more clearly hear His voice. I only met with her for a few months, but those meetings have had a big influence on my faith. I remember her suggestions and gentle guidance as I continue to seek God’s direction.”

“I feel I have greatly benefitted from my time with Rosetta.  I can see that I have made progress and that I am not the same person who first walked into that initial meeting.  My spiritual life has indeed grown.  I have had some significant revelations.”

“Rosetta listens and empathizes very well, and she has a quiet ability of suggesting alternative ways of thinking or perceiving the situation.  It was obvious to me that she put thought and preparation time into our meetings.  I never felt rushed.  I truly felt that she really wanted to help me.  Her faith is evident and her gentleness is much appreciated.”

“Spiritual formation to me means getting closer to God, building intimate relationship and transforming myself to be more like Jesus. My spiritual director Rosetta plays an important role in the process. She showed concern for my spiritual life and listened to me patiently as I shared my struggles in spiritual growth. She helped me to discern the obstacles and new developments in my relationship with God and turned my attention to Him. We had opportunities to do spiritual exercises and pray together. Rosetta means more than a friend, more than a companion, more than a prayer partner and more than a counselor.  She walks with me on my spiritual journey—just as Faithful and Hopeful were to Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress.”  

“I was inspired to seek out a Spiritual Director after going on a pilgrimage in Europe. Rosetta helped me to explore a deeper sense of Scripture, especially pertaining to Christ.  Our time together was under a year, but the rewards of being guided in Biblical scripture will last indefinitely.”