Retreat Endorsements

“Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while” is what Jesus invites His disciples to do. Because ministry can be so busy and fast paced, our church staff does this annually for a spiritual retreat off campus. This year Rosetta Del Monte led through this day by using different liturgies, teaching us a bit on the prayer of examen, giving us time alone, sharing time with others and an exercise in spiritual companionship. Most of all, Rosetta made room for God to speak into our lives. Her unhurried and thoughtful way allowed us to connect with God on a very deep and personal level and encouraged us to listen to and pray for each other. She was well prepared, flexible in our setting, and was able to relate to and integrate each staff member in the activities of the day. We highly recommend her facilitating such an encounter with the living Lord Jesus.”

,Stefan Konig

Woodside Bible Fellowship, Elmira, ON













“Rosetta brings a gracious and inviting spirit to the encounter of spiritual practices. She gently leads participants to discover the depth of meaning that can come from engaging in these simple yet powerful exercises. In our setting, we wondered how people might respond to the newness of such experiences – we were delighted to witness how captivated people were by sharing their insights together and going deeper in their engagement with God’s Word. The feedback we received suggested that people wished the seminar had been longer. Rosetta’s leadership was definitely a factor in that response.”

Rev. John Borthwick

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Guelph, ON


Noise. It follows us everywhere. How our hearts long for that moment of silence, reflection. Yet what do we do when we get there? How do we hear God’s voice when the noise is finally shut out? Rosetta’s gentle quiet spirit helped us to draw into the Presence of the Eternal One.  Step by step her guidance through the retreat prepared our hearts to meet with the One who calls us His Beloved.  Her leadership led us into the inner court of God’s Presence and enabled us to rest in the Lord, wait patiently for His Voice and know that we are loved beyond measure which then enabled us to move out into the tasks that He had prepared us for.

Thank you Rosetta for your invaluable contribution!

Laura Augustine, Western Ontario Staff Leader

The Navigators, London, ON


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