First Meeting

Welcome to Spiritual Direction!!


A spiritual director is a spiritual guide or friend—a companion on your journey with God.  As a companion, a spiritual director shares in your struggles and joys and helps you discern how God is active in your life and how God is moving in your heart.  A spiritual director can help you discern where God’s Spirit is present and offering an invitation of faith, hope and love.

Spiritual Direction consists of a triad—the director, the directee and the Holy Spirit.  My role is to help you listen to the Holy Spirit.  It is a sacred time structured around you.  It is personal, individual and particular.

“Spiritual Direction is for anyone who seeks to pay attention to God’s call and respond with a life of prayer, obedience, holiness, service and love.”

Dr. David Benner

“The gift of spiritual direction is to help us, in the “fog” of our circumstances, to be attentive to the presence of the Other.”

Gordon T. Smith

 Spiritual Direction is a safe and confidential place.   It is a place for honesty, frankness and humility.  I myself am under a code of ethics established by The Tyndale Association of Spiritual Directors.  (

Referrals To Others

During the course of our time together (after discussion and with your consent), I may recommend that you see a counselor or therapist, if I think it would be helpful.  It will always be your choice whether or not you wish to follow up on my advice.  Although it is important to remember that Spiritual Direction is not counselling or therapy, healing may and does occur during our times together.


First Meeting Questions

 1.    What are you hoping for in Spiritual Direction?

2.    Why are you seeking Spiritual Direction now–at this season of your life?

3.    What is your experience, if any, with Spiritual Direction?

4.    What do you desire in your relationship with God?  How will Spiritual Direction assist in this desire?

5.    What nourishes God’s life in you?

6.    What hinders pursuit of your relationship with God?


Spiritual Disciplines

 1.    Which ones have you used?

2.    At this season of your life, what practices seem as though they would be life-giving and what practices would be boring and deadening?

3.    What practices are you drawn to that could encourage and support your relationship with God.



 If you need to re-schedule our appointment please give me at least 24 hours notice.

Repeated missed appointments will be subject to $25.



$60 per session.  Each session is 60-75 minutes.


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