Why Spiritual Direction?


“Do not be your own master and do not set out upon a way that is entirely new for you without a guide; otherwise you will go astray.”  St. Jerome

“As a blind man cannot follow the good road without a leader, no one can walk without a guide.”  St. Augustine

“We each have a signficant capacity for self-deception, for rationalizing our behaviour, even for self-destructive behaviour.  We need others who love and accept us but who are able to speak graciously and without flattery regarding the specifics of our lives.”  Gordon T. Smith, Spiritual Direction

“… in the spiritual life, we must make such discernments constantly, choosing our directions with care, consideration and prayer.  But because of our inherent personal blind spots and self-deceptions, and because of our vulnerability to outside forces, it is necessary to have help.  Thus the spiritual director aids us in finding our proper direction.”  Gerald G. May, Care of Mind, Care of Spirit:  Psychiatric Dimensions of Spiritual Direction

“In the terrain of the spiritual life, we need guides.”
Henri Nouwen

“He who has a director…will reach his goal more easily and more quickly than if he acted as his own guide, even if he be very intelligent and has the very best of spiritual books.”  St. Vincent Ferrer

“Meeting every month for years on end with someone who has a listening charism is nothing short of a great and incredible gift. This person, over time, learns the landscape of your journey and the tenor of your relationship with God. They bear witness. They help you remember. They help you see. They hold sacred space as you engage with God. It is truly spiritual companionship.  As one friend put it recently, therapy is like the chemo that beats a specific area, while spiritual direction is like the regular wellness checkups we need for day-to-day health.”  Christianne Squires