“In the terrain of the spiritual life, we all need guides.”  Fr. Henri Nouwen

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a gift that the serious spiritual pilgrim cannot do without.

In the maze of life, a spiritual director is a spiritual guide.

A spiritual director is someone who talks to you and prays with you about your life.  A spiritual director is a companion on your journey–a friend who directs you to another Friend.   As a companion, a spiritual director shares in your struggles and joys and helps you discern how God is active in your life and how God is moving in your heart.  A spiritual director offers you SETER–a safe, sheltered place, a place of refuge, a resting place for you to explore God’s presence or seeming absence in your life.

1185854_10151559384971496_1863470303_nWho is Spiritual Direction for?

✒ Spiritual Direction is for anyone in the flow of life seeking to grow in their relationship with God.

✒ It is for anyone seeking discernment in an area of life.

✒ It is for anyone looking for spiritual encouragement.

✒ It is for anyone who is struggling with life and trying to find God in those hard places.

✒ It is for anyone wanting to explore God’s seeming absence.

✒ It is for anyone wanting to experience greater interior freedom, deeper joy and contentment with one’s circumstances, and healthier relationships with self, others and the world.

✒ It is for anyone wanting to explore or uncover areas of unfreedom that prevent them from responding to God’s presence and love.